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What are Registry Premium Domains?

So, you're looking to buy a domain name for your new startup. You have found the perfect domain name. And it's available! But wait, why does it cost $4,500!? Looks like you've just found a premium domain name. But what are they? And why are they so expensive?

Types of Premium Domain Names

There are two types of premium domain names: Aftermarket Premium Domains and Registry Premium Domains. Aftermarket premium domain names are when anyone buys a domain name and then sells it for a higher price. There are tons of platforms where you can buy and sell aftermarket premium domain names. Sometimes registrars will even sell these aftermarket premium domain names themselves.

The other type of premium domain names are Registry Premium Domains. In contrast to aftermarket premium domains, they have not been bought by anyone. So they are just as available as any regular domain name. So why are they so expensive? Let's find out.

How to Find a Registry Premium Domain

The registries themselves can decide whether a domain should be classified as premium or not. Some registries publish a list of all their premium domains. One example is the .link TLD, for which the registry publishes a list of all premium domains here. The registry is the organization that manages the TLD.

However, most registries won't publish a list of their premium domains. So unless you are a registrar, there is no way to find out. So the best way to find out if a domain is designated as premium by the registry is to try and register it with your registrar. You will see a higher price and a "premium" label if the domain is a premium domain.

Registry Premium Domain on Namecheap

What Makes a Domain Premium?

So what exactly makes a domain premium, and who decides it? The decision on which domains are premium is made by the registry. It is entirely under their control which domains should be premium and what they want to charge for them. The registry can decide to designate certain domains as premium for a number of reasons. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • Short domains: Short domains are usually more expensive than longer domains. This is because they are easier to remember and type.
  • Common words: Common words are usually more expensive than less common words. This is because they are more likely to be searched for.
  • High search volume: Domains that have a high search volume are usually more expensive than domains with a low search volume. This is because they are more likely to be searched for.

How Many Registry Premium Domains Are There?

The number of registry premium domains varies from TLD to TLD. Some TLDs like .com don't have any at all. Others like .link have a lot. The registry for .link is Uniregistry. They have designated around half a million domains as premium.

How to Buy a Registry Premium Domain

Registry Premium Domains can be bought just like any other domain name. You can buy them from your registrar. The only difference is that they are more expensive than regular domain names. The price of a registry premium domain can vary greatly depending on the domain. Some registry premium domains can cost thousands of dollars, while others can cost just twice as much as a normal domain. This will also vary from registry to registry.

Why Are Registry Premium Domains So Expensive?

Registry Premium Domains are more expensive than regular domain names because they are considered to be more valuable. The registry has decided that these domains are worth more than regular domain names. This is usually because they are shorter, more memorable, or more likely to be searched for. So in order to maximize profit, they charge more for these domains.